AcryltabSpinningand WeavingCompany was established in 1973 by some businessmen and factory owners from Tehran in Behshahr, Mazandaran province.It was registered under Reg. No: 18018 in Tehran Department of Registration of Companies. This company is active in production and distribution of yarn and knitting wool and synthetic fibers .Office Center of this company is located in Tehran ,Ferdowsi  Street ,Berlen, Belzhik lane.Company founders are Mr. FatallahJahanshahi, Mr.Haj Reza Tavallaei,Haj Mohammad Bagher Saheb, Dr.Hossein Saheb, Mr. Mohammad Saeed Saheb, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Lotfi Tabrizi, Naser Manochehrizadeh, and Mr.HosseinManochehrizadeh.
The first Mr Hossein Manochehrizadeh was its first general manager. He had postponed the buildings construction and providing of facilities and machines till 1977with theoperation licenseNo.484.Acryltab is a joint stock company. Nearly 70 percent of the stocks was bought by Mr.Mohammad Jafar Jafarzadeh in 1999.It was a tough year for the company with high volume of debt and stagnant in its production line and also sales.AcryltabCompany included 478 employers .the management of Mr.Jafarzadeh as a general manager revitalized the company in its different sections and he modernized the company by importing machines from Germany, France, Italy and other countries in 2007.This procedure increased the quality and variation of products. The management is going to add new machines and facilities to increase its products and keep its status as an activemodel in the region.Currently Board of directors includes Mr. Mohammad Reza Jahanshahi as the chairman, Mr. Mir hossein fatahpour as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mrs. Shamsalsadat Fatah and Mrs Nazanin Jafarzadeh as members. And finally Mr. Mohammad Jafar jafarzadeh is the general manager.


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